Bretman Rock's Best Beauty Tips From His YouTube Videos

Before he was a self-proclaimed "science b*tch," mukbang personality (you know, someone who consumes a ton of food on camera), and Power Your Pretty Award winner, Bretman Rock was a beauty-lover who gave candid reviews on products and relayed his makeup know-how on YouTube. Four years' worth of videos have proven to be a goldmine of tips. He's let fans in on his secrets on how to apply blush, make eye shadow last, and get "snatched" eyebrows.

Check out Rock's best beauty tips from his YouTube channel ahead.

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How to Make Blush Look Natural

In one of Bretman Rock's earlier makeup videos, he explains at the 7:29 mark exactly how he applies blush before he goes to school. First, he sweeps the powder onto the apples of his cheeks. Then, he lightly taps the brush on small areas along his jawline and his hairline for what he calls a "natural effect," evenly diffusing the pigment across his face.

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How to Get Snatched Eyebrows

To Rock, the snatched brow look means having clean and crisply defined eyebrows. He shows his fans exactly how to get it at 3:15 of this video. To create the look, he applies a creamy concealer using a slanted brush to outline his brows. Then, he uses a fluffy brush to set the concealer in place as he blends it out and pushes it against his skin.

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How to Make Eye Shadow Last

To make eye shadow — brown, in this case — last, Rock always applies black kohl eyeliner as a base. At 8:58 of this video, he pauses his routine to emphasize this step. "The first time I didn't use a base, the brown would kind of fade," he explains as he dots the liner and smudges it across his lids.

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How to Create a No-Makeup Makeup Look

To create a "fresh face fantasy" — what Rock calls the no-makeup makeup look — the YouTuber skips the foundation and only uses concealer on his complexion. He then sets the highlighter in a very specific way. At 9:55, he uses a fluffy brush to lightly tap a pressed powder along the areas he applied his highlighting concealers in very light strokes.

"Barely touch your skin," he says, explaining that adding too much can make your makeup look cakey.

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How to Use Blush as Lipstick

Though it may have been an accident, Rock demonstrates how a pigmented blush can be transformed into a lipstick. Rock preps his lips with a glossy balm, then (at the 5:16 mark) he taps the bright pink blush that is on his cheeks onto his lips.