Sweat It Out After Enjoying a Whopper in Burger King's New Spa

If you've ever craved the soothing, aromatherapeutic steam of a spa after going HAM on a couple of Whoppers, your dreams are about to come true. Our friends at The Cut report that one Burger King franchise in Finland actually contains a sauna inside, complete with official BK robes. You can even order your favorite snacks (Chicken Fries, anyone?) while inside, and servers are available to take your drink order as you ride out your meat sweats in tranquility.

The recent beauty exploits of fast-food companies feel like elaborate jokes. First KFC released flavored nail lacquers, and now we can get zen in the back of a Burger King? It all sounds crazy, but we're fully on board. The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but ours is through food and beauty treatments. Here's hoping American Burger King locations re-create this ASAP. Read on to see more shots of the chic spa.