"Butterfly Eyes" Is the New Instagram Trend That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Remember when, as kids, you'd get invited to a birthday party and face painting was the hottest activity? One of the most popular designs to get was a butterfly. Painted across your eyes like a mask, it was so pretty, you never wanted to wash it off. Now, it's back in the form of a new Instagram beauty trend.

Makeup bloggers have been taking inspiration from butterflies' wings and creating gorgeous, colorful eye looks. Some draw literal butterflies on their eyes, even placing them at the outer corners as "winged" liner. Most interpretations we've seen, however, are a little more abstract with the wing painted horizontally on the lids. They come in every color, but most makeup artists have been drawn to the original monarch butterflies' oranges and golds.

Is this uberpretty look the antidote to those wacky beauty trends of late? Delight in even more examples of butterfly eyes ahead.