These Glittery Candy Cane Nails Look Good Enough to Eat, and They're Easy to Recreate

Nothing completes a holiday party look quite like a festive manicure, and these glittery candy cane nails take the (fruit)cake. Nail art expert Paulina's Passions shared her tutorial for this mesmerizing design, and there's a surprising shortcut: she used a stamping plate. With a base of glittery red polish and a special white nail polish for stamping, Paulina creates the look of a swirly candy cane without having to meticulously draw each curvy line. What ties the candy-inspired look all together is a rhinestone in the middle, and if I do say so myself, these look good enough to eat.

The exact stamping plate Paulina used is the Sweater Weather stamping plate from Whats Up Nails, a site that has other options perfect for ugly sweater nails.

After sharing her manicure masterpiece on Reddit, Paulina gave a tip to one commenter who finds it difficult to get a stamper to pick up designs cleanly. The nail pro responded, "Try swiping very lightly with your scraper. I've noticed that when there's more polish on the plate, the clear stampers work better and pick up more details." Watch the full candy cane nails tutorial ahead, and prepare to be mesmerized.

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Paulina's Passions Christmas Candy Cane Nails Tutorial