Cara Delevingne and Lucy Boynton Are Making Tie-Dye Eye Makeup a Thing This Fall

It didn't take long for the tie-dye fashion trend to catch on in the beauty world, and it's growing at lightning speed. The vibrant makeup trend is quickly becoming a favorite look among celebrities walking the red carpet and their makeup artists.

Last week, Lisa Eldridge created a dreamy, multicolor eye makeup look on Cara Delevingne for the London premiere of Carnival Row that the makeup artist said took under 30 minutes to create (!). Using yellow and pink pigments that blended together seamlessly, Eldridge kept each of the colors saturated enough to give the finished look a tie-dye effect.

But it wasn't just Delevingne who tried out the trend. Just days later, makeup artist Jo Baker brought our wildest pastel tie-dye fantasies to life with eye makeup on Lucy Boynton — i.e. the queen of cool red carpet makeup — for an event at the 2019 Venice Film Festival. According to her Instagram, Baker's inspiration came from both strolling around St. Mark's Square in Venice and "staring at beautiful gelato cafe displays" and scrolling through her friends' Labor Day weekend Instagram posts.

To create Boynton's rainbow-swirled look, Baker dipped into multiple powder eye shadow palettes, using her fingers to apply the pigment and a fluffy blending brush to soften the edges of the different hues.

The best part about the tie-dye trend is that if you want to re-create it at home, you don't need to have a pro makeup artist on hand. Sure, it would be nice, but it's definitely not essential due to the nature of the look. The tie-dye makeup trend is essentially multiple eye shadow shades applied onto the lids and even along the lower lash lines. The trick to making it look like a tie-dye print is keeping each color defined and saturated, which you can do by following Baker's lead and using your fingers to press on each shade. Then, go over everything with a blending brush to ensure the edges of each color melt into each other seamlessly.

The tie-dye makeup trend is also the perfect excuse to start using up all those bright eye shadows you might have sitting around untouched because you're apprehensive about how to use them. Read on to see all angles of Delevingne and Boynton's tie-dye beauty looks, and here's hoping more celebrities jump on the brightly colored bandwagon soon.