The Edgy Tattoo Trend Influencers Are Obsessing Over

Maybe it was the return of chokers or the resurfacing of unicorn Lisa Frank items, but pop culture is constantly bringing back trends from the '90s . . . and some people are making it permanent. While getting a tattoo of butterfly clips or any of the other questionable accessories from back in the day might not be ideal, many millennials are showing their pride with birth year tattoos. From Liam Payne to Anwar Hadid and even Kylie Jenner's assistant Victoria Villarroel, keep reading to see how '90s kids are showing their pride.

Anwar Hadid "1999"

Victoria Villarroel "92"

Ariel Tejada "1995"

Bella Thorne "93"

(FYI: Bella was actually born in 1997, but it's possible she was honoring the year her older sister was born with "93.")

Kwame Boateng "92"

Liam Payne "1993"