Celebrities Are Dyeing Their Hair Shades of Brown For Fall, and It's Perfect

As we gear up for Fall, your mood board probably has versions of your favorite nail polish colors and hair color trends. Regarding the latter, if you've been considering darkening your hair's hue, look to the following celebrities to convince you.

Even though the season has only just begun, we've already seen Britney Spears and Katherine Heigl dye their hair brown to help end the Summer. Spears said it was her sister who helped her make the decision, while Heigl said in a tweet that her change was for an upcoming role. Sophia Bush also debuted her end-of-season hair transformation: a darker shade of brown and a lob haircut.

Thinking of going brunette for the cooler months? Check out the celebrity hair looks ahead.

Britney Spears's Deep Brown Hair

"Same faces, same dress, new hair," Spears captioned the photo she used to debut her new brown hair color. She noted that her sister, Jamie Lynn, had been the one to inspire the hair transformation.

Katherine Heigl's Deep Brown Hair

Fans of Heigl are used to seeing her with blond hair, but she recently made the switch to the dark side. The actress revealed that the look is for her new role as Tully Hart on the upcoming Netflix series Firefly Lane.

Sophia Bush's Deep Brown Hair

In August, Bush deepened her hair's brown hue and chopped it into a lob.