Cherry-Red Hair Is the Pick of the Season

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The saying "what goes around comes around" rings true for hair trends. If you wait long enough, many old styles will return as new — and the perfect example is cherry-red hair. This vibrant shade doesn't just sound delicious; it also looks extra flattering on pretty much everyone.

Plenty of celebrities have embraced this particular hair color, making it the shade to sport, whether you boast a warm skin tone or cool. If you're ready to switch things up and embrace your bolder side, a cherry-red hair color is the look you'll want to re-create immediately.

It's not just trending all over social media — the deep red hue has also landed itself on the heads of some of the most talked-about stars in Hollywood, from Dua Lipa to Zendaya, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. What's most appealing about the shade is how versatile it is, as it can complement both warm and cool skin tones, meaning you don't have to worry about it washing you out. Cherry-red hair can quickly become a year-round staple, whether you opt for a warmer variation of the trend in winter or a brighter hue in summer.

If you're ready to take the plunge but need some inspiration before you book a salon appointment, we asked a professional stylist to break down what cherry-red hair is and how to maintain the look at home.

What Is Cherry-Red Hair?

Consider cherry-red hair the sister of the classic red shade. It's "a vibrant red color with deep purple undertones, creating a natural-looking cherry hue," Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist and founder of hair-care brand Rita Hazan, tells POPSUGAR. So instead of a bright maraschino shade, it's more like a black cherry. It also looks good on a wide range of skin tones because it incorporates a variety of tones, including warm shades of red mixed with cool purples. This allows the color to complement all skin tones.

How to Maintain a Cherry-Red Hair Color at Home

The most eye-catching aspect of cherry-red hair is its vibrancy, which means the color "requires regular maintenance to keep its sharpness intact," Hazan says. Because reds tend to fade faster, a solid aftercare routine is needed.

When you wash your hair, you'll want to incorporate shampoos made for color-treated hair and free of sulfate, which will maintain the best hair health, according to Hazan.

"I recommend Raw Sugar Living's The Grow Pro Shampoo ($14) and Conditioner ($14)," she says. "It has a nourishing vegan formula to help revitalize the scalp and strengthen weak hair, which is incredibly important for those with color-treated hair."

And if you want to boost the shine of your cherry-red hair, Hazan also suggests adding a hair gloss to your hair-care routine. Now, if you're ready to see some examples of cherry-red hair on a range of skin tones and hair textures, keep scrolling.

Bright Cherry-Red Hair

If you're not one to shy away from making a statement, then this bold, cherry-red style is for you. The shade emphasizes the red with a more vibrant color containing hidden hues of purple.

Cherry-Red Highlights

Highlights are a nice way to add a pop of color and dimension to your head.

Curly Cherry-Red Hair

Give your curls the cherry-red treatment to add new life to your look. This look also includes bangs, which can help frame and complete the hairstyle.

Cherry-Red Hair With Pink Money Pieces

If you want to make a statement, combine the hair color with face-framing highlights. Pink can help you hit two trends: cherry-red and neon hair, which both hit the beauty scene in full force.

Cherry-Red Braids

Your hair can look like a piece of art when you mix the shade with braids. The dark cherry-red hair color can complement any skin tone while adding a layer of texture to admire.

Layered Cherry-Red Hair

Shaggy layers can add extra movement and volume to a cherry-red hair color. The red shade is more prominent in this style, with undertones of purple visible when the light hits the hair.

Ombré Cherry-Red Hair

The ombré method is perfect if you only want to wear the bright color on part of your head. The goal is for it to look like it's fading from light to dark or vice versa to add some dimension.