Deck Your Brows With Bells and Holly For Christmas Tree Eyebrows

In 2017, the beauty world has been defined by the mantra "Another day, another brow trend," and it seems no one is stopping until the year is well and truly over. Festive eyebrow styles are in full flow, people! The newest trend to invade our social media is Christmas tree brows, and I'm sorry, but I really don't hate it.

I mean, bauble brows were pretty damn festive, but Christmas tree brows incorporate all our favorite trends to form something spectacular. Taylor, the creator, has used the feathered brow technique and jewels as tree decorations, and she topped off the look with a red lip fit for the holiday season. And I know I'm not the only one thinking, "Wait, this is kinda cute!" After taking one look at the comments, it seems most people feel the same. One said, "In a strange way, I kinda like it," and, well, so do we. Taylor has managed to pull off Christmas tree brows and look — dare I say it? — chic.

Luckily for us, Taylor has blessed us with a tutorial (I know how I'll be spending my weekend!), and it seems that she has inspired quite the army of Christmas tree brow advocates. Read on to see their re-creations, and get your festive brows on!