Ciara Shares Her "Secret Sauce" to Self-Confidence

Getty | Lionel Hahn
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz
Getty | Lionel Hahn
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz
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Ciara is all about living life without limits — in the music industry, at home with her three kids, with her latest venture in the skin-care industry, the list goes on. That's why, if you were to look up "confidence" in the dictionary, we're pretty sure you'd find a picture of Ciara smiling. But despite how effortless she makes it look, it didn't always come naturally to her.

Just like you have to work at your skin-care regimen or workout routine to see results, Ciara put in the work to become the queen of self-confidence that we know her as today. The key, she shared — to not just having good skin but also feeling good on days you maybe don't — is consistency.

Ahead, Ciara shares more about her "secret sauce" to self-confidence, the hairstyle that makes her feel most like herself, and what her skin-care routine is like (now that she's given up washing her face with body wash).

How Ciara Found Her Self-Confidence

"Confidence took time for me," Ciara tells POPSUGAR, though she admits she's always been bold. "I was taking on so much as a young girl . . . You gotta be confident when you're doing that. Even when you don't know what you're doing — be confidently wrong."

"We deserve to reach our maximum potential. . . . That's what living life without limits is about, and I am definitely that girl."

She subscribes to the "fake it till you make it" philosophy, attesting that it really works. "People don't see you or hear you if you're not confident — I learned that early on, and I've just worked at it over the years. Every year, I get better; through every experience, I get better."

This made her partnership with Degree for the launch of the new Unlimited Antiperspirant line ($12) such a natural fit. "I've been a fan of the brand for years, even before we were working together," Ciara says. "I actually was asked in an interview years ago what was in my bag, and Degree was in there. I swear by it — it's a secret sauce."

What Being Limitless Means to Ciara

The new Degree Unlimited campaign is all about living life without limits — something Ciara does well and believes everyone should strive for. "We deserve to reach our maximum potential," she says. "Why not be your full self? Or push yourself to get all you deserve out of life? That's what living life without limits is about, and I am definitely that girl."

The Key to Ciara's Confidence

A solid skin-care routine has singlehandedly boosted Ciara's confidence, she says. "I was a girl that used to use body wash for my face, and I decided it was time to level up how I loved on my skin." She created OAM Skin, which launched in September 2022, as a fix. Now, that's what she primarily uses on her face. "Every night, I make sure I wash my face with the full system ($160) — the only thing I don't use is the brightening pads."

She's come a long way, and it's paid off. "It's game-changing when you become consistent with your routine — I've been doing that, and I see the difference."

How Ciara's Idea of Beauty Has Evolved Over the Years

It's been 19 years since Ciara released her debut album, "Goodies" — as you'd expect, a lot has changed, including what makes her feel good. "I used to think that wearing a lot of makeup is when I'm my most beautiful," she says. It took a lot of inner work to rewire those thoughts. "This is not realistic, having a full face of makeup — I don't wake up like that," she says. "Loving on myself has helped me significantly with my confidence."

Getty | Stefanie Keenan

Ciara's Instant Mood Boosters

"Even though I wasn't born a blonde, if I had to pick, I'm a blond girl."

Low days are a natural part of life, and Ciara gets them just like the rest of us, but she knows how to reset when needed. Showers are one of her instant mood boosters. "There's something about getting in the shower that just like, whew — it allows you to peel back a layer," she says.

The other big energy giver in Ciara's life is exercising. "When I go in the gym, especially when I don't want to, I come out feeling 10 times more ready for the world and more energized," she says.

The Hairstyle That Ciara Feels the Most Like Herself In

With the help of her glam team, Ciara continuously steps out in head-turning looks, but she'd be lying if she said she didn't have favorites. After rocking long hair for quite some time, Ciara switched things up with a short bob haircut. "I used to feel really funny about short hair, but I'm really enjoying it," she says. But her favorite look isn't a cut — it's a color. "Even though I wasn't born a blonde, if I had to pick, I'm a blond girl."