The Trendy Dental Floss That Makes My Oral Hygiene Routine Feel Like an Indulgence

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Flossing used to be the oil change of my self-care routine, an unglamorous necessity that kept my health running smoothly. That all changed when I got my hands on Cocofloss ($35 for four spools or $9 each here), a chic and incredibly effective floss that makes dental hygiene feel borderline luxurious.

If you balked at that price for a little carton of floss, I don't blame you, but this product is worth a mini-splurge. Available in a range of fun fragrances including mint, strawberry, coconut, and cara cara orange, Cocofloss has a thick but pliable texture that grips onto the gunk (sorry) between my tightly-packed teeth. It never "snaps" into the nooks and crannies of my gums like some rubber band-like options. Plus, I can really feel the "interwoven filaments" the product boasts hooking onto the debris my electric toothbrush glides over.

Now, let's get into the fun stuff: Cocofloss's A-plus packaging. The translucent, slightly oversized carton gets my stamp of approval for reasons both practical and cosmetic. There's an easy guide on the back of each pack that tells you how many days' worth of floss you have left before it's time to re-up, which ensures I never miss a refill order. And as someone prone to misplacing miniature beauty items, I appreciate that this pack is compact enough for easy storage but big enough that I don't lose it the second its out of my sight. Cocofloss packaging has an eco-conscious element too. Once you have your first carton, you can simply order Cocofloss Refill 3-Spool Set ($24 for a three-pack) to reduce plastic waste.

Do you need fancy floss to keep your mouth healthy? No. But if you're on the market for an under-$10 treat that doubles as meaningful self-care, consider this a nudge from me (and your dentist) to choose Cocofloss.