These Color-Changing Nail Polishes Will Blow Your Mind

Instagram | anegley

There are so many innovative breakthroughs in the beauty industry that it can get a little overwhelming. There are liquid lipsticks that last for hours and versatile bronzers in a wide variety of buildable textures, and at some point, someone invented thermal nail polish.

In case you missed it, too, thermal lacquers actually change color when exposed to varying temperatures. The easiest way to shift your manicure shade with a formula like this is plunging your nails into hot or cold water. Thermals are more commonly found for purchase from indie brands like Lynnderella, Candy Lacquer, and Polished by KPT, but Forever 21 and BMC, a line available at Walmart, have also dabbled in the unexpected polishes. Read on to be completely mesmerized!