Colorblocking Is the Latest Insta Beauty Trend, and We Can't Look Away

From single pops to full-on rainbows and a lot of colored eyeliner in between, an increasing number of beauty enthusiasts are brightening up their looks. We're seeing fierce faces painted with a wide spectrum of shades and colorblock patterns — all in the name of artistic expression.

"Sometimes in Summer, it's so hot that we can only be so creative with our clothes, so why not have some fun with your makeup?! Colorblocking is the way to go," said Smith & Cult Beauty Ambassador Elena Miglino.

The trick is to focus on one feature and keep the rest simple. "It makes application quick and easy on a hot Summer day. Two of my favorite tones to colorblock are deep blue and silver," she suggested. "Try adding blue shadow from lid to crease with a synthetic brush and sweeping silver under the lash line for a great eye-popper. If you're feeling a little more bold, throw on some coral lipstick to complete the look!"

Whether you want to experiment with a colorblock eye, lip, or full palette (hot pink blush with an orange lip is fresh and unexpected), we've rounded up some bright ideas for getting started.