6 Cool Piercings to Get in 2024, According to a Pro

There are few things as adrenaline-inducing as getting a new piercing, and it feels like everyone is opting for a new one lately. It makes sense: the desire to show off our personal style is stronger than ever before, which means people are traveling far and wide to get their wildest piercing ideas done. And you'd best believe the cool piercings to take over this year are some of the most nostalgic and creative piercings to get. Whether it's a cool ear piercing or a face piercing, the options are essentially endless.

With so many choices for cute piercings to get out there right now, it's easy to get caught up in all the names and options available to you, so we sat down with Johnny Pearce, piercer at Nine Moons Piercing, in New York City, to break down ideas for the best piercings of 2024, from cool ear piercings to even face-piercing ideas.

Keep reading for his expert opinion on the piercing trends you'll be seeing everywhere this year — and get ready to load up on inspiration for your next trip to the parlor.

First, a Note on Healing a Piercing

Regardless of which piercing you end up trying, it's worth noting that a tremendous part of the healing process is the aftercare. Brian Keith Thompson, celebrity piercer and owner of Body Electric Tattoo, recommends mild soap without alcohol or fragrance to keep the piercing clean so you can show off your style for years to come.

You also want to consider healing times before choosing a piercing placement. Lobes typically take 10 to 12 weeks to heal, and cartilage takes six months to a year to heal.


We put almost all of the focus on what our piercings look like from the front, but a new trend called "rearscaping," wants you to consider the back of your ear as valuable real estate, too. This back-of-the-ear-focused idea can coexist with your regular piercings — all you have to do is swap out your earring backs to create an additional "earscape."

Conch Piercings

According to Pearce, conch piercings are sure to be on the "favorites" list of every piercer and stylist for 2024. Many piercers consider this to be one of the easier-healing cartilage piercings, which makes it one of the most popular piercings to get.

"If your ear was a heliocentric model, the conch piercing would almost certainly be the sun," Pearce says. "It's capable of housing large, beautiful statement pieces and can be worn both as a stud or even with a decorative ring once properly healed. And because of its forward-facing nature, it's easily admired by those you're engaging with in conversation, making it an integral part of your look almost immediately."

Faux-Rook Piercings

One of our favorite piercing ideas is the faux-rook. If you've heard of a traditional rook piercing, you've probably also heard that they can be extremely difficult to heal, which is why Pearce says the faux-rook piercing is a great alternative for someone who doesn't want to engage in a tricky healing process.

"Instead of piercing downward through that dense fold of cartilage, the faux rook is actually pierced through the flat of the ear cartilage, much like a regular helix piercing is," Pearce says. Then, rather than a curved barbell or ring, the faux rook uses a flat-back stud. "It is also a great alternative for someone who may not have the best ear anatomy to safely support a traditional rook piercing," Pearce adds.

Eyebrow Piercings

It's safe to say what's old is new again, and that rings true for our next trend prediction: eyebrow piercings, a face piercing idea we can get behind.

"Making a huge comeback to the spotlight in 2024, eyebrow piercings are a total look all on their own," Pearce says. "But traditional piercings don't always have to mean traditional placements. Many people are choosing to pierce the center of their eyebrow on both sides of their face, putting a 'new twist' on the ol' curved barbell piercing."

Chains and Charms

Finding the perfect jewelry for your new piercing is almost as fun (and a lot less painful) than getting the actual piercing itself. Pearce says that in 2024, we'll see a lot more jewelry designs catered toward chains and charms.

"Jewelry and accessories are half the fun of body adornment, which is why chain attachments and charms are such a highly effective way of improving and 'chain-ging' up your jewelry outfit," Pearce says. "Taking into account that there are so many options for different styles of gold chains and charms, then combine that with the countless options of different piercing combos you could connect, and the results are ultimately limitless!"

Matching Custom Jewelry Sets

With so many different options out there when it comes to piercings and jewelry, it can sometimes be hard to make sure you nail the look you want. However, being able to digitally create different options based on photos of your ears or other body parts is completely changing the game. After all, cool piercings can be made even more stunning by the choice of jewelry.

"The concept of having a curated ear isn't new, nor is the ability to order custom jewelry, but the collision of these two things is giving birth to a whole new concept of styling your ear," Pearce says. "No longer are you destined to build a curated look based on what's available in store on the day of your visit. Our expert stylists will take a photo of your ear and digitally create different custom jewelry curations, each with different colorways and themes guided by your own personal style and preferences. We want your own ear to be your inspiration!"

Additional reporting by Jessica Harrington

Jessica Harrington is the senior beauty editor at PS, where she writes about hair, makeup, skin care, piercings, tattoos, and more. As a New York City-based writer and editor with a degree in journalism and over eight years of industry experience, she loves to interview industry experts, keep up with the latest trends, and test new products.