The Craziest Sh*t Hair Removal Technicians Have Ever Seen

While you may dread your monthly Brazilian as much as you do flu season, there's no reason to fear the call of the wax strip. Hair removal technicians of all varieties — those who wax, laser, or sugar — have seen it all. "Many different people come into our practice with varying requests," said Dr. Parvaneh Rafaeloff of Le Jolie Medi Spa.

As Melanie Coba, brand ambassador for European Wax Center, told POPSUGAR, "I think of waxing as procedural, and I don't judge my guests' reaction to hair removal appointments." "All kinds of people come into our practice with different requests,"

For those of you who prefer a fur-free existence (and if you don't, that's cool too), here are five stories that prove your muscle clenching and watery eyes just do not compare to the wildest things hair removal technicians have ever seen.

Getty | Delmaine Donson

"On my first day of training, my wonderfully supportive mom came in to be my model aka my guinea pig. That happened to be the day we were practicing Brazilians, so I proceeded to give my mother the world's worst, and most painful, wax ever. Since then, I've given (much better!) Brazilians to most of my friends, my sisters, and most of my coworkers."

Unsplash | Kevin Grieve

"I had a guest who was reacting way over the top, jumping off the table after every strip. In an effort to calm her down, I just got her to keep talking. That finally got her to relax and stay on the bed. During our conversation, she told me that she was a prison guard at a men's maximum-security prison. I couldn't help but laugh at her initial reaction to the wax, since she deals with tougher situations every day."

Unsplash | Concha Rodrigo

"Once, I was doing a laser bikini treatment and I had just finished the top portion. I needed my guest to open her legs so I could get the lower areas, and she would nod and say 'OK,' but she wouldn't open them. I kept asking her to open her legs and she would just say, 'OK!' and keep her legs closed the entire time."

Unsplash | Taylor Hernandez

"I've seen girls come in for bikini laser with their tampons sticking out."

Unsplash | Sharon Garcia

"I had this one girl staring me down as I did her laser with her eyes wide open. She never took her eyes off of me — even when she yelped in pain."