Prepare to Freak Out — Desi Perkins and Lustrelux Are Starting a Makeup Line Together

As announced on Snapchat on July 23, beauty influencers Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot (better known as Lustrelux) are collaborating on a full makeup line. According to Desi, the pair has been working on this line for over two years. Aside from that huge announcement, they didn't give us any deets explaining what, exactly, the collection would entail. They did, however, fill us in on an incredible party they're hosting that you have a chance to attend. NBD.

"You guys are super important to us," Desi said on Snapchat. "We wanted to give the experience to all of you." That's why the beauty gurus have opened the #DESIXKATY line's official launch event to 200 lucky fans and their (perhaps even luckier) plus ones. This would be a chance to see the entire line before the press, bloggers, or anyone else gets to it. To enter, fill out the Google form located in both Desi and Katy's Instagaram bios.

If you will be in the LA area on Aug. 2, definitely give it a go. The duo stressed that only those who are sure they would be able to make the party should enter, since the winners will be drawn randomly. If you don't enter this sweepstakes for yourself, do it for the people going crazy over this news on Twitter. Read on for some of the best responses — and be sure to enter ASAP!