Love EOS Lip Balm? This Refill Trick Is Genius

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Brooke from What's Up Moms (the women behind that viral, mom-centric "Blank Space" parody) just blew our minds with this nifty hack. Instead of throwing away your old EOS containers, you can reuse them — and refill them with your own DIY lip balm! Oh hell yes.

If you're under the age of, oh, 15, I'd say have a parent on standby to help you deconstruct the old lip balm container. Otherwise, you'll need a knife to carefully open up the container to create the sphere-shaped balm.

The actual lip balm recipe isn't life-changing, as it's pretty much what most people use to create their own lip balms. But the packaging hack itself takes the DIY lip balm up a notch. Take a look for yourself and see how Brooke re-creates your favorite drugstore lip saver.