Dove's Iconic Beauty Bar Will Soon Be Sold 100% Plastic-Free


The beauty industry is one of many contributors to plastic pollution worldwide, and Dove has decided to change its practices to stop its contribution to the crisis. The bodycare brand has announced a long-term plan to reduce its use of virgin plastics by more than 20,500 tons a year. In order to do so, the brand will be taking steps to help the world move toward a circular plastic economy where plastics are reused and recycled rather than thrown away after a single use. The brand's plan follows a "no plastic, better plastic, and less plastic" rule.

One of the ways you'll see the "no plastics" implemented is with Dove's famous Beauty Bars. Currently, the single boxes have a plastic-laminate layer inside the cartons, which will be eliminated and replaced with a new coating in 2020, while the brand develops a system to make its multipacks plastic-free as well.

As for "better" plastics, the brand will launch 100 percent recycled plastic bottles in North America and Europe by the end of this year across all of its products. Next, the brand will continue to search for ways to replace its current caps and pumps with 100 percent recycled plastic. Dove has also come up with innovative ways to use "less" plastic, as made evident by the brand's yet-to-launch reusable and refillable stainless-steel deodorant sticks, Minim.

It's great to see that a brand with as much product output as Dove is finding ways to become more sustainable. Hopefully, more brands will consider following suit.