Dua Lip Got a Blunt Bob and Bangs, and Fans Have Questions: “Dora the Explorer Is That u?”

If you weren't already considering getting your hair cut into a trendy blunt bob and (once again) debating getting bangs, Dua Lipa might just convince you to go for the both.

The singer posted various photos of her new hairstyle on Instagram during a visit to Paris (most probably for Paris Fashion Week), and she's traded in her lob for an incredibly stylish, blunt bob with long, eyelash-grazing bangs. Fans are loving the new cut equally as much as we are. Her Instagram is filled with comments complimenting the look: "Omg the fringe tho 🔥🔥" one fan wrote. Other fans are comparing her new look to Dora the Explorer: "Dora the explorer is that u?" one fan said. We've never considered the character as hairstyle inspiration . . . until now. She's certainly the most stylish version Dora we've ever come across.

This isn't the first time Lipa has dabbled with bangs. In June, she got bangs cut into a slime green bob wig, completely changing her look. This time though, the cut appears to be her real hair. Anna Cofone, London-based hairstylist, also posted a series of Lipa's new hair captioned "A fringe in Paris is always a good idea 🖤🇫🇷✂️."

Ahead, get a closer look at Lipa's superchic new style, and be sure to check out more blunt bob styles for all the inspiration you'll ever need if you're considering the chop. We even have tips on exactly how to style a bob haircut.

Instagram | dualipa