Dwyane Wade's New Hair Color Is Quite Literally Bringing the Heat on the Back of His Head

It's been a little over a month since Dwyane Wade debuted his fiery red hair color on Instagram, but this weekend, having presumably grown bored with the style, he showed off a new look. Keeping with the same fiery theme, Wade now has red and yellow flames creeping up the back of his head.

In a series of videos and images posted to his Instagram on July 3, Wade documented the entire hair transformation process from start to finish. He explained he dyed his hair back to black to make a clean canvas for a hairstylist he discovered on social media.

"Ya'll know I like to do stuff with my hair," said Wade in the video. "I was checking out Complex one day and I seen this young — I don't want to call him a kid — this young man that did this dope art on the back of this person's head, so I reached out to him to see if he could come over and create some magic together."

Jared Esguerra, is a Los Angeles-based, self-taught hair colorist and artist who's becoming best known on social media for creating works of art with hair dye. "Thank you for coming thru and bringing that fire! 17 years old with this kinda talent," read Wade's caption.

See more photos of Wade's new hair dye job, ahead.