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Easy Metallic Manicure Gum Wrapper Hack Video

This Gum Wrapper Metallic Nail Hack Looks So Easy — How Did I Not Know It Existed?

Easy Metallic Manicure Gum Wrapper Hack Video
Image Source: Getty / LeoPatrizi

Giving ourselves a shiny new manicure just got so much easier, thanks to this unexpected gum wrapper nail hack, and we're a little bit mesmerized. In a TikTok video, user @jeainediep transfixed her followers with a metallic nail tutorial that lets you give yourself a full manicure for less than a dollar. (Yes, please.) The lustrous beauty hack can be applied at school, at home, or while you're chilling and binging TV on your laptop. It's not exactly salon quality, but it'll do in a pinch or for a one-day event.

The TikTok user starts by crumbling up an ordinary wrapper from a stick of gum and flattening it back out to carefully peel apart the foil sheet and wax paper sheet from the wrapper's interior, just like a typical nail foil. Then, she lays the sticky side of the foil sheet across her nail, presses down with a sharp edge (fingernail) to mold it to the exact shape of the nail she's working on, and cuts away the excess foil — so easy.

I've been giving myself manicures since I was about 8 years old, and I never would have come up with this, so consider me officially MIND. BLOWN. Watch the full video on @jeainediep's TikTok to learn how to give your own nails this chrome-tastic makeover.

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