11 Colorful Eyeliner Designs That Will Definitely Break You Out of a Makeup Rut

There are plenty of benefits to having a go-to makeup look. Knowing exactly which products to grab and apply will inevitably save you time while getting ready. Plus, if you're reaching for the same black eyeliner, taupe eyeshadow, or creamy pink lipstick every single day, there's a chance those are items that make you feel comfortable and confident.

On the flip side, if simply the thought of wearing that go-to look yet again feels monotonous and downright boring, you're likely in the middle of a serious makeup rut.

As you probably guessed, breaking out of it involves trying something new (and liking it), and in my experience, nothing does it quite like colorful eyeliner. Leave it to a graphic design in hot pink or an abstract swipe of lime-green liner to get you inspired and excited to experiment with makeup.

Need some ideas? Keep scrolling for 11 colorful eyeliner designs that scream "try me!"

Triple-Layered Eyeliners

Jewel-Toned Double Eyeliner

Metallic-Blue Cat Eye

Sunset Swirls

Pastel-Blue Eyeliner Art

Glitter Eyeshadow and Pastel Swipes

Matching Eyeliner and Mani Combo

Multicolored Eyeliner

Gradient Glitter Eyeliner

Emerald-Green Upper Eyeliner