I Hate Facials — Here's Why I Get Them Anyway

This might sound unusual, especially for a beauty editor, but I hate getting facials. The mere idea of a complete stranger touching my face and head makes my skin crawl. I swat away the loving hands of family and friends who try to get too close, so an aesthetician I've never met is even worse. Despite the anxiety-inducing process, I still devote time to getting a facial semiregularly.

Part of the reason I force myself to suffer through this uncomfortable ordeal is vanity. I know my skin will look glowing and clear a few days after my facial and that having a professional do extractions is infinitely safer than me trying to dig into my skin to get rid of that month-old blackhead on my own. The same way I go to the dentist despite the inevitable and awkward conversation with a dental hygienist while her hands are in my mouth, I get facials because it's a necessary part of taking care of myself.

For me, self-care isn't always about relaxing; it's simply taking care of myself. There are endless things I do not do because I want to but because I know it's best for me. I know I feel better about myself when I go to the gym (even though I hate running), I experience less anxiety when I go to therapy (talking about your feelings isn't always fun), and my skin looks better when I let a licensed professional to care for it — while I try not to tense up too much. I will probably never enjoy getting facials, but I won't be stopping anytime soon.