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Floating-Crystal Eyeliner: How to Get the Look

"Floating-Crystal" Eyeliner Is Our Favorite New Whimsical Makeup Trend

Floating-Crystal Eyeliner: How to Get the Look
Image Source: Getty/ Dia Dipasupil and Photo Illustration by Michelle Alfonso

  • "Floating-crystal" eyeliner is trending all over social media.
  • The look involves using crystals to create a negative-space graphic eyeliner.
  • Stars like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Dua Lipa have all recently tried the sparkly trend.

Now more than ever, it feels like what you see on TV and in movies is exerting more influence on day-to-day makeup looks. Thanks to shows like "Euphoria," one of the most prominent makeup aesthetics to emerge over the last few years can be summed up in one word: whimsical. Case in point? The "floating-crystal" eyeliner trend.

A step above the everyday winged or graphic eyeliner looks that you may be used to seeing, floating-crystal liners feel elevated, chic, and attainable all at once, so it's no surprise you've probably started to see them more often on red carpets and in real life. One of the trend's biggest champions, celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, says the makeup deserves even more time in the spotlight. "Working with different materials in makeup, like face jewels, isn't as frequent of an ask as I'd like," Ta tells POPSUGAR. "So it's always so fun getting to play around with them while still creating looks that feel really elevated and high fashion."

Ta, who has created the floating-crystal liner look on stars like Gigi Hadid and Camila Cabello, says there's a reason for emphasis on the eyes in particular when it comes to this trend. "With the floating-crystal liner, you really get to play dress-up with the face," Ta says. "It's only fitting that the eyes get emphasized, because they can truly give you so much insight into a person." To get the look, Ta recommends creating a natural base on the eye, letting the gems be the stars of the show. "A great adhesive is key to keep everything locked in place."

Inspiration for your own version of the trend can come from anywhere; Ta himself says some of the looks he's created have been inspired by everything from conversations he's had with clients to pieces of art he's seen. In short: there's no wrong way to do a floating-crystal liner, as long as you love the look. "My team and I even pay attention to what colors, fabrics, and textures are coming off the runways — inspiration is everywhere," Ta says.

Get some inspiration for your own floating-crystal eyeliner ahead.

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