I Have Zero Doubts That Chandler Bing Would Love Firebox's Friends-Themed Bath Bombs

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Throughout 2020, I've spent the most time with my friends Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, and Ross. We laugh together, we cry together, but above all, the crew helps take my mind off of all this year's uncertainty.

At the end of a stressful day, I love winding down with a TV marathon. But after a few episodes, I do my best to make Chandler proud by drawing a relaxing bath. Lately, I've been taking it to the next level with Firebox's Friends-themed bath bombs.

Per Chandler's guidance in season eight, no bath is complete without an Enya soundtrack, vibey candles, battleship figurines, relaxing scents, and bath salts. For the last two ingredients, I rely on the You Are My Lobster Bath Bomb ($9 for two) and the Friends Sofa Bath Fizzers ($9 for two).

The lobster bomb's fresh, tropical scent mentally transports me to vacation when I need it most, but for cozier moods, I love the sofa fizzer's delicious caramel-toffee smell. Either way, a Janice-style "Oh. My. God." always slips out as I submerge into my relaxing soak.