Galaxy Nails Are All Over TikTok

If you're a beauty aficionado, you probably already know that there has been no shortage of fun nail trends this year. We've seen both simple, pared down looks that emulate "quiet luxury" as well as maximalist, out-of-the-box trends designs (like "junk" nails) take center stage, which means our Instagram "saved" folder has become 95 percent manicure-inspiration photos. Whether you're someone who has a bi-weekly appointment at the salon or if you just like to DIY at home, there are more than enough nail-art ideas making the rounds that offer all kind of inspiration.

Now that the colder weather is on the horizon, you're likely trading in your light pinks and pastel hues for more muted, darker shades, and TikTok has the perfect trend to match: galaxy nails. The look, which can be customized to be plain or elaborate, typically involves stars, sparkles, or swirls painted over dark, glossy shades like black and navy.

Ahead, nail experts are breaking down what galaxy nails are as well as how to get them. If you want the world at the tip of your fingers, then scroll ahead for some far-out inspiration.

— Additional reporting by Brittany Natale

What Are Galaxy Nails?

"Galaxy nails are a mesmerizing nail-art look that mirror cosmos," Jin Soon Choi, nail artist and founder of Jinsoon, tells POPSUGAR. "Using shades like metallic purple, blue, black, and white, they create a swirling, galactic effect. Glitter, rhinestones, stars, moons, and other embellishments add to their mysterious cosmic look."

According to Erica Hipp, nail artist for Nailing Hollywood, the trend has been around since the beginning of DIY nail art. However, it's had a recent resurgence thanks to TikTok.

The style looks great on all nail shapes and lengths because it's fully customizable, so you can get as intricate or as simple with it as you desire. If you want something a bit more relaxed, opting for a deep, glittery, singular nail polish color in a black or dark blue hue will do the trick. If you'd rather go for something more detailed, you can add stars, nail stickers, or even constellation designs.

How to Get Galaxy Nails

Depending on how complex you want to get, you can either visit a nail technician at a professional salon, or DIY at home. If you do decide to visit a salon, "It's best to show your nail tech a picture for reference so that you get exactly what you are looking for," Hipp says.

If you want to take on creating the look yourself at home, first cut and file your nails to your desired shape. The longer the nail, the more surface area you have to work with if you want to create elaborate nail art, but the choice is entirely up to you. Choi says you should start with a base coat like the JINsoon Power Coat. From there, use a glossy black polish as the base. We love the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in "Black." Then, "Apply different metallic nail polish colors with a sponge in a random, blended pattern to create a swirling effect," Choi says. For this step, we'd recommend all of the shades in the ILNP Trapped Collection. You can end there, or if you're creating more complex galaxy designs, Choi says you can use a dotting tool to add small stars and planets. From there, seal everything with a glossy topcoat.

Galaxy Nails Inspiration

Keep scrolling for our favorite iterations of the galaxy nail trend that you can bring with you to your next salon appointment or use for DIY inspiration.

Black Galaxy Nails

A simple take on the look features a glossy and glittery black polish.

Pearlescent Galaxy Nails

If you want to opt for something a bit lighter, you can still get the look with pearlescent shades.

Velvet Galaxy Nails

This iteration combines two of our favorite trends: velvet nails and galaxy nails. Add a few gems to an accent finger for extra flair.

Deep Blue Galaxy Nails

The trend looks great on any nail shape, but we love the look of this simple deep blue shade on this stiletto-shaped manicure.

Aura Galaxy Nails

If you want something simple but still stunning, add in aura artwork to your galaxy nails.

Galaxy Nails With Stars

The simple star artwork painted over this glossy black base looks gorgeous.

Galaxy Nails With Constellations

If you want something a bit more involved, we couldn't be more obsessed with the constellation nail artwork featured on these galaxy nails.

Galaxy Nails With Nail Stickers

If you want to take your galaxy nails up a notch, adding simple star nail stickers will do the trick.