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"Gemini Hair" Will Trend in 2023: Get the Look Here

"Gemini Hair" Is the Bold Color Trend You've Been Waiting For

"Gemini Hair" Will Trend in 2023: Get the Look Here

  • "Gemini hair" is expected to trend this year.
  • The look involves two bold colors in one hairstyle and gets its name from the astrological sign.
  • A professional breaks down the trend, including color combinations and tips for textured hair.

From crystal eye gems to fun nail looks like the aura manicure, bold, scene-stealing beauty is back and better than ever. Nowhere is this more apparent of that than in an upcoming trend outlined in Pinterest's annual "Pinterest Predicts" report: "Gemini hair."

Inspired by the astrological sign of the same name, known for its two-sided quality, Gemini hair is the philosophy "more is more" in hair color form. "This is a rising trend that mixes natural hues with bright blues, purples, and pinks," the report states. Searches for "blue-and-black braids," "lavender-and-blonde hair," and even "multi-tone hair color" have all increased more than 100 percent over the past year — and the look has been seen on celebrities like Kehlani and Nicki Minaj — indicating that the movement is gaining momentum.

"Gemini hair is going to trend because it's different, it's loud, and it shows personality," colorist and cutting specialist Melissa Nieves tells POPSUGAR. "You can choose from so many different color combinations, and I predict it's going to be particularly popular with Gen Z." The look also works across a variety of hair types, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you have coily hair. "One thing that needs to be considered for textured hair is making sure it can handle the dye and colors," Nieves says. "If your main concern is keeping the integrity of your natural pattern, consider more 'natural' color choices. You wouldn't want to lift too high — i.e. lightening your hair too much — and cause extensive damage. Therefore, to determine the best color combo for a textured-hair client, you must slowly build up the lifting process over a period of time."

If you're looking for color combinations to get started, Nieves suggests first looking at your base. "For black hair, I recommend pinks, purples, greens, and blues. Blond hair would look incredible with blue, green, black, red, and yellow. Brown hair also can't go wrong with hot pink and purple." To make the color stand out even more, Nieves recommends coordinating your color with your outfits for a full "main-character" moment. Get some more inspiration for the Gemini hair trend below.

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