Kissing Might Not Be an Option With These Crystallized Geode Lips

Following the success of geode cakes earlier this year, beauty enthusiasts have taken to applying the same crystallized technique to their makeup looks — their lips, in particular. While it is still growing, the trend is currently being referred to as "geode lips" and "crystal lips" on Instagram.

Geode lips certainly aren't an understated look, nor are they particularly easy to achieve. From what we can tell, makeup artists and bloggers first apply a white lipstick to serve as the base. They then typically outline their lips with a darker shade or (even better) a metallic one that resembles the gold exterior found on certain rocks. To mimic a geode's jagged texture, they finish with glitter, often applying a thick gloss over it to lock it down. The completed look is nothing short of magical.

Look ahead for pictures of the enchanting trend.