The New My Little Pony Glamglow Masks Will Add Magic to Your Skin

Courtesy of GlamGlow
Courtesy of GlamGlow

Your favorite '80s-nostalgia ponies are now taking over your skincare routine with the new My Little Pony Glitter Masks. The shimmer-packed masks have all of the benefits of the original Glamglow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment ($59), but the new hues will make you feel like you're the queen of Equestria while nourishing your skin. The combination of licorice and marshmallow leaf is formulated to make your skin look firmer and more contoured.

The peel-off mask now comes in three sparkle-packed shades inspired by your favorite magical ponies. Princess Luna, the dark co-ruler of Equestria, inspired a black mask; Pinkie Pie, the fun-filled lover of parties, inspired a pink hue; and Twilight Sparkle, the bookworm and loyal leader of the ponies, became a purple mask.

We've loved using the original masks, but we really can't wait to try the new magical varieties and hope that Glamglow blesses us with even more pony-inspired beauty. We'd flip over a pie-scented Applejack mask, a shimmering diamond-inspired Rarity mask, or a colorful Rainbow Dash version. If Pony-lovers are really lucky, maybe Glamglow will even start naming its travel-size masks after the Cutie Mark Crusaders! We can only dream.

Read on to see the current pony-inspired limited-edition masks, which debut in April. In the meantime, you can sign up to find out when they launch and get 15 percent off your order.