The "Glazed" Eye Makeup Trend Has Just the Right Amount of Glam For Summer

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If 2020 was a person, its makeup vibe would be minimal and very natural-looking, with a focus on efficiency. If 2021 was a person, its makeup vibe would be effortlessly glam. This is all to say: after a year of the no-makeup look and paring down as much as possible, many people are welcoming the idea of throwing on a little eyeshadow and lipstick again to see friends, but not spending an hour-plus primping. That's what the "glazed" eye makeup trend is all about.

Dewy, glazed skin has been in for years, but a huge makeup trend for spring and summer sees those iridescent, high-shine finishes moving to the eyes. "It's just effortless and chic," celebrity makeup artist and Róen Beauty ambassador Kate Synnott told POPSUGAR of the trend. Before you get overwhelmed by the idea of blending together different powdered eyeshadow shades from a palette bigger than your head to create the effect, we're happy to report a quick swipe of a single cream eyeshadow will give you the desired look.

"Cream eyeshadows are my go-to for myself and my clients to achieve that glassy finish," said Synnott. It's dissimilar from the "glossy lid" trend that was everywhere a few years ago with the biggest difference being this new version isn't sticky (thank God, are we right?). You can paint your eyelids with a brush or your fingers — both will give you that shimmery, glazed eyeshadow finish with zero of the hassle of traditional eyeshadow looks. The result is a light-catching, eye-popping wash of color that pairs beautifully with skinimalism trend and some lip gloss.

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