Glitter Eyeliner Is the Prettiest Way to Wear Sparkle For the Holidays

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So, you've mastered the smoky eye, the winged liner, and a seductive red lip . . . unfortunately, by holiday party season, so has everyone else. If you're looking for a way to stand out this year, you're going to need a secret weapon. And for 2016, the technique you should have in your arsenal is glitter eyeliner.

Various takes on sparkly and sophisticated glitter eyeliner are sweeping across social media, dazzling Instagram beauty gurus. Even the experts are taking notice. According to Make Up For Ever's Executive Director of Education and Artistry Patrick Eichler, it's a must-try style for Winter. "The holiday season is all about shimmer, so there's no better time to turn up the sparkle in your makeup."

One of the best things about this technique is the various ways it can be customized, making it a pretty pick for less experienced gals and makeup maestros alike. For a more dramatic finish, layer the glitter liner just above a black base, add it to a smoky eye, or show off your skills with a wing worthy of Cleopatra herself.

For those seeking a more subdued style, Eichler recommends Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liners ($23), especially those with diamond finishes: "[These products] give a beautiful metallic sparkle, require no mixing, and are easy to apply. Perfect for the glitter 'newbie.'"

The finished effect can also vary due to the product chosen. Those who want a bit more sparkle can mix a glitter shadow or powder — Eichler suggests Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder ($25) — with a liquid liner or adhesive like Make Up For Ever's Aqua Seal ($21). If you really want to gleam, try the same method with loose glitter, which comes in a variety of sizes. Eichler notes that depending on whether you choose small flecks or larger chunks, "the looks [will be] different, from fairy-dust sparkle to disco-ball reflective."

Before you run to the store to snatch up some glitter, check out our favorite sparkly eyeliner looks from Instagram for inspiration.

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