Glittery Eye Makeup Looks That'll Sell You on the Sparkle This Summer

Glitter eye makeup sometimes screams '70s disco fever, and it may certainly bring back memories of your former Y2K days, but the truth of the matter is, it never really went away.

The glitz and sparkle has always been here for the taking, and with this summer's hottest trends being from both time periods, we say now is the perfect time to just go ahead and decorate your lids (or, hell, your entire face) in glitter.

Whether you prefer an opaque blue shadow topped off with sparkles in a corresponding color or simply a sheer, dewy balm that glistens, there are plenty of ideas out there just begging to be re-created.

Ahead, a few glittery Instagram moments that are so beautiful, you won't even be phased by the removal process.

Glitter and Stars

Shimmery Inner Corners

Pastel Shadows and Sparkles

Smoky Sparkles

Green Glitter

Silver Glitz and Brushed-Up Brows

Glittery Halo Eyeshadow