"Golden Hour" Highlights Is the Most Flattering Hair Color Trend For Fall

"Golden hour" hair is exactly what it sounds like — light-catching highlights that look like spun gold through dirty blond and dark brown hair. SCK Salon hair colorist Melissa Pecoraro forsees the look being one of this Fall's biggest hair color trends and explained to POPSUGAR exactly how to get it.

"To achieve this hair color, ask for highlights closer to your scalp by your front hairline and as you get further away from your face, the highlights start at a lower," Pecoraro said, naming Blake Lively as an example of someone with the hair color. She explained that it's a great way to brighten up naturally dirty blond hair, but we've found that the color looks great as luminous sections against dark hues, as well.

Check out the prettiest examples of the look ahead.

Blake Lively's "Golden Hour" Hair
Getty | Mark Sagliocco

Blake Lively's "Golden Hour" Hair

Pecoraro told POPSUGAR that Blake Lively is the inspiration behind this hair color look.

"Golden Hour" Hair

This "golden hour" hair look is bright blond at the roots by the face, then begins lower as you move toward the back of the head.

The "golden hour" hair color is face-framing, with the hue looking its lightest toward the front.

This hair look has subtle "golden hour" highlights.

This "golden hour" hair look mixes with hues of red toward the end.

Before getting bangs, Hilary Duff had "golden hour" highlights.

This "golden hour" hairstyle is lightest toward the front.

"Golden hour" hair isn't just for blondes. It works on those with dark hair too.

This "golden hour" hair look is a cool blond hue but is equally luminous.