I Have to Hand It to Hailey Baldwin: Her New Tattoos Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

Instagram | justineskye

Hailey Baldwin is no stranger to tiny tattoos, but her latest ink with Doctor Woo is more intricate than anything we've seen from her before. Two weeks ago, the 22-year-old model visited the famous LA tattoo artist for new designs, including an intricate array of ink on her fingers and a tattoo of the word "lover" on the left side of her neck. Baldwin's ink also features the letter "B" on her hand, a nod to both her maiden and married name. More recently, she completed her adornments with another slim needle design on her thumb. Perfect timing before a September wedding, don't you think?

Given the timing of Baldwin's new tattoos, it's worth nothing that the "lover" ink coincides with the release of Taylor Swift's seventh album of the same name. Baldwin's husband, Justin Bieber, has a rocky past with Swift, but that doesn't mean Baldwin can't jam along to her tunes like the rest of us! More likely, it's just a coincidence, although we highly recommend the married couple add a few of Swift's newest tracks to their wedding playlist.