This Video of a Colorist Blending Dye Like Eye Shadow Is Totally Trippy

The feature that scares us most about dyeing our hair is that it seems so permanent. One false move and we could have unintentional tiger stripes instead of chic highlights. But an Australian colorist demonstrated in a mesmerizing Instagram video that getting beautifully blended color just requires the right tools.

Sydniiee demonstrated how she buffs hues together to create a stunning gradiated effect. She applied yellow, orange, pink, and purple Wella dyes to a client's edgy undercut tattoo, then used a hair painting brush to stipple the shades. While we initially expected a more graphic, colorblocked style to come of this, the result was dreamy and beautifully melted — the kind of hair we'd expect to see growing out of a mermaid's scalp. See for yourself!