A Stylist Explains Why a Hair Glaze Is the Best Way to "Winterize" Your Color

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We've said it before and we'll say it again: winter is the perfect season for bold hair-color changes. Most of us have spent the better part of this year staying at home and communicating virtually, so it's no surprise that experimentation is at an all-time high at the moment. Weird as the last several months have been, it's also been an unusual time to receive salon services, which is why most major color transformations have been DIY projects using box dyes.

While dyeing your hair at home is perfectly OK so long as you properly follow the instructions, there's another way to lend a hit of color and shine: hair glazes.

"Glazes are something that will add shine and a depth to your color."

"Glazes are something that will add shine and a depth to your color, especially after summer, when hair tends to become lighter, most people want to make their hair look richer," Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi salons told POPSUGAR. "One of the ways of doing that is using a glaze. The glaze will retint the hair and refresh the color back to a more depth toned color — this goes for blondes, brunettes, literally any hair color. Glazes will help a lot, and you don't really see them available at home as much as you do your typical color kits."

The great thing about hair glazes, according to Tricomi, is that they're a lot easier to work with than color kits. "Glazes are easier, cleaner, and not as messy," he said. "It's an important thing after summer to glaze it a little bit or add some tint because the hair is usually lighter from the summer months of sun, and it takes a couple months for your natural roots to grow back in and by the time that happens, it's already spring, and the process starts all over again when you're looking to lighten it up again."

He continued, "A quick way to get your hair 'winterized' is with a glaze. I would definitely anticipate glaze requests from clients more so now than ever before due to its lack of at-home availability."

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