10 Hair Colorist Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Up Your Feed

Hair cutting and styling can certainly be considered a form of art — but when it comes to creative expression, it doesn't get better than hair coloring.

Whether a colorist is pushing the limits of the color wheel with bright hues or just getting a client ready for Summer with some highlights, the process requires not only a keen understanding of color but also of texture, cut, and dye. The professionals who concentrate on this skill are, in many ways, the superheroes of the salon. They're part artist, part chemist, and all-around beauty guru.

But you don't have to commit to a new shade to get a glimpse of the magic. Many of the top colorists — working with all styles, textures, and hues — are sharing their favorite dye jobs on Instagram. These are the 10 you'll want (let's be real, need) to follow right now.

Jaymz Marsters

Norfolk, England-based hairdresser Jaymz Marsters is a certifiable hair genius, especially when it comes to coloring. Whether he's perfecting his niece's back-to-school rainbow 'do or taking a grown-out balayage to full-coverage metallic hues, his artful take on hair coloring is brought to life via his curated feed.

Rebecca Taylor

If Lisa Frank met Rainbow Brite, we'd guess that the resulting interaction would look something like Rebecca Taylor's Instagram feed. She specializes in bright, vibrant colors with a touch of whimsy. Keep an eye on her posts for hints at her inspiration, process, and remarkable ability to find success in even the most challenging and complex dye jobs.

Shelley Gregory

If you can credit a single woman for the pastel hair trend, it would have to be Las Vegas stylist Shelley Gregory. While she works with a variety of colorful dyes — and is known for mixing her own unique blends — she excels particularly with pastels. She crafts soft rainbow hues better than pretty much anyone else . . . see for yourself. Bonus: she's also a true artist with braids, which only accentuate her multicolor dyes.

Kasey O'Hara

Hair colorist and heavy metal music lover Kasey O'Hara is a total badass. She's a vivid hair color specialist, which means she's certainly not afraid to take chances when she has a client in the salon chair. The result? Brilliant, bold locks that seem to jump right out of the screen.

Alexandre Gregoire

Alexandre Gregoire proves that natural dyes can be done just as artfully as those inspired by a box of crayons. His Instagram feed is testament to his skillful mentality of highlighting natural features and colors. Gregoire is especially talented with blondes but does it all — and keeps his followers updated with the stunning results.

Diego Gordon

If you didn't know that Diego Gordon worked in Miami and Los Angeles, you could probably figure it out from a quick scroll through his Instagram feed — but be warned, his posts might trigger some serious wanderlust. Gordon is popular with both male and female models and specializes in sun-kissed highlights and balayage.

Tracey Cunningham

Salon owner and Redken creative consultant Tracey Cunningham is a favorite among celebrities. Her clientele includes Khloé Kardashian, Fergie, and Ariana Grande, and her feed features detailed instructions on how to replicate the celebrity looks you love back at home.

Raven Camacho

Self-proclaimed "hair fairy" Raven Camacho does everything from high-fashion dyes to natural balayage. Her versatile skills nail a wide range of colors, styles, and cuts, ensuring that all of her diverse clients get the results they crave.

Rachel Redd

Atlanta-based colorist Rachel Redd focuses on natural hair. Though often considered challenging to color, Redd proves that an understanding of this type of hair and a healthy dose of dye skills are all that's needed to transform textured locks.

Aura Friedman

There's a good chance you're already familiar with Aura Friedman's work. She's a pro at tackling everything from colorful, '70s-inspired perms to mangainspired rainbow dyes, but she excels just as well when sticking to natural shades.