22 Spookily Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas For Beginners

So you want to try out a new makeup look for Halloween but don't fancy months of SFX practice? Fear not, spooky spirits! We've compiled some of the most effective Halloween makeup ideas that are actually easy to re-create at home. From the rainbow Snapchat filter to a comic book, you're sure to impress at this year's Halloween competition.

Once you've become acquainted with these supereasy nail art ideas, you'll have Halloween mastered at a beginner level. You never know, next year you might be turning yourself into an intergalactic neon skeleton.

Skeleton Teeth


Cracked Doll


Bloody Scratches





Comic Book

Nightmare Before Christmas

Harley Quinn

Galaxy Makeup

AHS: Freakshow

Bloody Eyes

Horn Makeup

Bruised Nurse

Rainbow Snapchat Filter

Simple Cat