We Nearly Didn't Recognize Halsey With Her New Rainbow Colored Bangs

Halsey just tried out every single hair color for Summer to see which she liked best, in the form of rainbow bangs. The singer debuted her new multicolored look on Instagram in a laid-back car selfie, and if we had to sum the new style up in one word, we'd say "magnificent."

For the incredible hue, Halsey kept her most recent hairstyle, a black bob, and dyed her bangs a mixture of red, pink, orange, purple, and blue. It's likely that her bangs were first bleached, then five or six different colors were carefully painted onto sections of fringe to create the striking, Skittles-inspired rainbow of shades.

It's not just us that loves the new look. Her comments are bursting with love for her new rainbow hair. "Rainbows and freckles. 🙌" one commenter wrote; "when i thought the blonde wig was the best u had....", another fan said. We really couldn't agree more.

Halsey's certainly no stranger to trying out the latest hair trends. Rose gold obviously looked incredible on her, as did this Summer's edgiest haircut — the shag — and she even pulled off a cherry bomb hue. We can't wait to see what she tries next with her hair, but we're not going to get bored of this look any time soon. Ahead, see every angle of the new rainbow hue. Apologies in advance, you're probably going to want both a bangs and rainbow hair now.