How 1 Woman Flawlessly Incorporated Her Hijab Into Her Harley Quinn Costume

A photo posted by Nora (@makeupwizardd) on

Hijabi beauty enthusiast Nora recently shared her interpretation of one of 2016's most popular costumes, Harley Quinn, and it might be one of our favorite ones to date.

On her Instagram, where she goes by MakeupWizardd, Nora said she was inspired by NikkieTutorials and her take on the Suicide Squad character. Nora did, however, have to work her hijab into the look. In a caption, she said, "When you try to be harley quin [sic] for Halloween and you realize you wear a hijab."

Not only did Nora nail the makeup, but she also used two red and blue hijabs to mimic Harley's multicolored hair — proving that this year's ubiquitous costume works for all women.

Nora also ended up sharing the finished look on Imgur with a cheeky caption that read, "I wear a hijab and this is my Halloween make-up for this year calling it 'Halal-ey Quinn.'"