Chestnut Hair Is the Latest Color Trend Taking Over Our Fall Lookbooks

Cozy sweaters, moody nail colors, and vampy lipsticks aren't the only things taking over our virtual lookbooks now that it's fall. As the superior season — yeah, we said it — there's nothing more refreshing than kicking off the start of fall and winter with an all-new hair color. While there are plenty of trendy new options to choose from, like cashmere blond and rich auburn, there's something so luxurious about picking a color inspired by those delicious seasonal candles we'll inevitably spend the next few months burning, such as chestnut hair.

A classic autumnal hue, chestnut-brown hair will give your look a much-needed upgrade for the cooler months ahead. To learn everything you need to know about the color before heading to the hair salon, keep reading.

What Is Chestnut Hair?

Chestnut is a shade of brown that's popular for medium to dark brunettes, but how exactly is this color described? "Chestnut brown is a warm bronze or neutral brown," hairstylist and Kérastase global pro club color expert Shelley Gregory tells POPSUGAR. For this look, the brown base color is usually highlighted or lightened using the balayage technique. "This has dimension without over lightening or 'doing the most,'" colorist Rex Jimieson of Chicago's Maxine Salon says.

There are different variations of chestnut, from cool chestnut, which leans ashier, to honey chestnut, which is more bronze or gold toned. This makes it easy to customize, allowing you to get the perfect complementary shade for your skin tone and eye color.

Who Looks Good With Chestnut Hair?

As we mentioned, chestnut-brown hair can vary in tone and depth, making it flattering for a variety of skin tones, base colors, and eye colors, however, there's one in particular that really shines with this color. "Chestnut would flatter people with warmth in their skin tone or a natural tan," Gregory says.

How to Get Chestnut Hair at the Salon

The base color for chestnut is medium- to dark-brown hair, so if that's your starting color, you're already halfway there. This color is a "level six or darker that has neutral and warm tones," Gregory says.

Jimieson adds that if your hair has never been colored, you can achieve this highlighted look without the use of bleach. "It works on virgin hair that you want to keep healthy but lighten with either foils or balayage," he says. "That means no old color or rinses or glosses of any kind or you and your colorist will be disappointed."

If you're feeling inspired to try out the trend, we rounded up a few of our favorite takes on the chestnut hair color. Scroll ahead to check them out.

Additional reporting by Danielle Jackson

Honey-Chestnut Hair

Medium-Chestnut Hair

Deep-Chestnut Hair

Rich-Chestnut Hair

Golden-Chestnut Hair

Toasted-Chestnut Hair

Cool-Chestnut Hair