This Floating Eyeliner Hack Will Give You the Best Cat Eye of Your Life

Getty/Brent N. Clarke/Mike Pont

If you have monolids (which have no crease), you understand the struggles of wearing eye shadow and eyeliner — everything you draw on either smudges or disappears. Just when you've given into your frustrations, however, a woman on Imgur shared a life-changing makeup hack dubbed the "floating eyeliner." In a series of photos, she explains how to get the perfect cat eye.

Instead of applying your product directly on your lash line (like most people do), paint it on higher, so there is an empty space on your lids between your lashes and the liner.

"The trick is to just keep your eyes open and draw the floating liner as if your 'eye line' is the same as your lash line," she wrote on Reddit.

Like magic, a would-be messy cat eye turns into a stunning look like this:

reddit user eraser_dust

She even added that this makeup trick has saved her from going through countless tubes of liner and she now uses 80 percent less product. This was how much eyeliner she used prior to the floating technique:

reddit user eraser_dust

Pretty awesome, right? The best part of the hack, however, is that even though the trick is designed for women with monolids, those who do have creases can still use the floating method. If you're feeling especially adventurous, you'll want to attempt this illusion of a sharp wing cat eye below.