Yes, You Need to Change Your Makeup If You're Dyeing Your Hair

Whether you're adding face-framing highlights or going full platinum, lightening your hair is always a fun way to change things up for the warmer months ahead. But it's important to keep in mind that a color swap is about more than just your strands — you'll also want to adjust your makeup to match your new 'do. Since your hair is a different color, you may find that everything you were doing pre-dye job, from the features you were highlighting to the products you were applying, is now totally off the mark. So if you're seeking to bring life back to your complexion or add definition to your face, keep reading to achieve your most flattering look.

Warm up the tone of your products

When going lighter (or darker, for that matter), your complexion can wind up looking pale and washed out against your new shade. Bring back warmth to your face in the form of your foundation, blush, and bronzer. Switch out your old foundation and opt for a highly pigmented one, like the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, with a golden or beige undertone. The blendable formula will help your complexion remain natural looking, but the warmer hue will better suit your new hair color. Then, amp up the blush and bronzer to add depth and dimension to your face.

Blend, blend, blend

Blending is a no-brainer when it comes to makeup application, but it's even more important when you've switched up your hair color. If your roots were bleached during the process, you may notice that the skin near your hairline became lighter as a result. Don't forget to extend any product you apply to your face, such as foundation or bronzer, up into your hairline, out onto your ears, and down onto your neck for a seamless finish with no harsh lines.

Play up your eyes

Your features, especially your eyes, can lose definition when you lighten your hair. Try dark eyeliner and mascara to help add strength to your face.

Experiment with the lipstick shades you used to avoid

You know those lip colors you avoided like the plague because they didn't suit your skin tone? Now's your chance to revisit them. Bright orange-red tones look great with light hair and light skin, while deep red works well with light hair and dark skin.

Don't forget your brows

The shade of your eyebrows can make or break how natural your new hair color looks. Do research beforehand on your ideal brow and hair color pairing and determine if it's feasible for you to execute. Whether you're dyeing your brows or simply filling them in, the general rule of thumb for going lighter is to make sure your brows are one to two shades darker than your new hair color.

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