Make Your Manicure Last Through Your Weekend Getaway

Getting your manicure to last through a long Summer weekend is the ultimate challenge. Whether you're swimming laps in the pool or working a grill, there are plenty of moments to rough up your polish. Luckily, these six simple tricks will help you stretch your nail look for as long as possible.

Prep Your Nails
Before laying on polish, take the advice of UK-based celebrity manicurists Ange and Vernice Walker. Start by buffing your nails, and then do what the Walkers call "squeaking." "You wipe the nail with polish remover to make sure it's free of any oils or product prior to application of color, then give it a little squeak," Ange says.

Lay a Base
Using a base coat is one of the best ways to ensure a long life on your manicure. This crucial first layer helps your color stick and keeps the natural oils in your nails from causing chips.

Let Your Polish Rest
Though we're guilty of rushing when we layer on our polish, painting too quickly can mean your nails aren't quite dry. Wait a few minutes between each round of brushing to ensure that the polish is no longer tacky.

Paint the Edge
When you're putting on polish, make sure to start by running your brush along the edge of your nail. This easy to miss step is actually key to stopping water from creeping in under your manicure. By sealing your nail totally, you'll keep those pesky chips around the edge at bay.

Apply (and Reapply) Your Top Coat
To keep your digits looking fresh, paint a top coat over your manicure and tote it along with you for the weekend. Taking an extra second to reapply this clear cover every few days will help ensure that your nails stay in tip-top shape.

Take Care
Though it may not be an easy task, try to give your nails a little extra love. If you're stuck doing dishes, make sure to wear gloves and avoid scraping or using your nails as tools.