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How to Achieve Your Skin Goals

POPSUGAR / Presented By / Ulta Beauty

It may only be January, but if you want to ace your New Year's resolutions by the time December rolls around, we have three words for you: enlist expert advice. That's exactly what POPSUGAR producer Kahnita did when she set a goal to get her combination skin under control. With the help of Tracois, the senior skin therapist at her local Ulta Beauty store, she was able to learn about her skin, do some shopping, and get ahead of her resolution. Between a skin consultation and a 10-minute facial, Kahnita discovered everything from the best ingredients to use to what products to change up in her regimen from season to season. Watch the video above for a closer look at her deep dive into skin care.

New year, new skin! We've partnered with Ulta Beauty to show you how easy it is to get ahead of your skin goals.