Why Making Your Beauty Routine Cruelty-Free Is Easier Than You Think

Cruelty-free beauty and accessibility usually don't go hand in hand. Often people may think they have to blow their whole beauty budget at a crunchy health store or sacrifice performance for their makeup bag to be cruelty-free, but that's not necessarily the case.

Thanks to Garnier, beauty lovers can have their cake and eat it too, because the world's fourth-largest beauty brand is approved by Cruelty Free International's Leaping Bunny Programme.

"Cruelty Free International is a leading global organization working to end animal testing worldwide. Our Leaping Bunny Program is the gold standard that helps consumers identify products that have not been tested on animals, both at the level of the finished product and right down to raw material," Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, says.

Two years after being officially approved by Cruelty Free International, Garnier continues to create quality and accessible beauty products that aren't tested on animals.

"The work with Garnier has been a real step forward for the beauty industry because it's demonstrated what a brand at that scale can do. What's really significant about what Garnier have done and the work that they've done to communicate their value is that it shows to the industry that if Garnier can do this, then anyone can," Thew says.

But Garnier's dedication to ending animal testing doesn't stop there. By simply clicking here, you can contribute to their cause. For every click, Garnier will donate $1 to Cruelty Free International, supporting their mission to establish cruelty-free beauty products as the norm.

By clicking Garnier's link between 7/1/23 and 12/31/23, Garnier will donate $1.00 for every QR Code scan or digital banner clicked for a total max donation of $100,000 over the duration of this campaign to Cruelty Free International.