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How to Pick Nail Polish Colors For the "Skittles" Manicure

How to Pick Nail Polish Colors For the "Skittles" Manicure That's Sweeping Instagram

Between the skincare fridges and curated shelfies, beauty-lovers may have also noticed more and more photos of mismatched nails taking over their Instagram Explore pages lately. The nail art trend has earned many names, including the "paint chip" manicure, which uses nail polishes from the same color family, and the "Skittles" manicure, which features an array of colors, allowing you to embrace your creativity (and indecision) even further.

Picking nail polish shades for this manicure from the sea of options available to you at your nail salon or your personal collection can prove overwhelming. If you have no idea where to start, we've enlisted the help of Olive and June founder and nail expert Sarah Gibson Tuttle. Check out her tips, ahead.

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