Storybook's Hunger Games Makeup Collection Is Here, and We Volunteer as Tribute

Everett Collection
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UPDATE: It's been three-plus years in the making, but the limited-edition Storybook Cosmetics x The Hunger Games makeup collection is finally here. Packaged in Mockingjay-emblazoned metal compacts are three cruelty-free highlighters and skin illuminators to help you get that Katniss glow.

You can snap up all three shades — which you can see in full ahead — for $28 each, or in a bundle for $80 while supplies last. May the odds be in your favor.

This story was originally published on January 29, 2017.

Storybook Cosmetics has volunteered as tribute to create a Hunger Games-inspired makeup collection. If you recall, this is the same brand that dreamed up the viral Harry Potter wand brushes, Star Wars brushes, and Mean Girls palette. When it to comes to getting creative with geek-chic culture and playing into '90s nostalgia, Storybook Cosmetics has been winning.

So it was only time until the brand was inspired by one of the of the biggest cult series of the past decade: The Hunger Games. While we do not know much — other than that this line will be out this year — we know it's happening thanks to an Instagram revealing the news. Fingers crossed it's a collection of brushes shaped like Katniss's arrows or a bold eye shadow palette, influenced by Effie's makeup. Watch this space for more details as they emerge.