This Video of James Corden and Chloë Grace Moretz Smacking Their Faces Is Surprisingly Hilarious

The quest for great skin is no joke, unless you're James Corden and Chloë Grace Moretz. In partnership with skincare brand SK-II and the #BareSkinProject, Corden and Moretz are starring in Bare Skin Chat, a YouTube series premiering worldwide on Thursday, March 21 — and the trailer is up now. Just like the skits and performances on Corden's Late Late Show, it looks like the series is going to be a roller coaster of silliness — and we're not complaining.

"Sometimes you want to take skin care less seriously, it shouldn't be so complicated you know," Moretz said in a press release. Corden and Moretz first teased Bare Skin Chat with their very own bathroom selfies on Monday, complete with classic, awkwardly-high phone angles. Seeing the pair together in a bathroom was strange enough as it is, but it looks like the entire beauty web series will actually be set in a bathroom (and a nice one, at that).

The series will follow Corden and Moretz — after a surprise encounter in her bathroom — as the 22-year-old actress coaches Corden on skin care and reveals some of her best beauty secrets. But the series, which features comedian Naomi Watanabe and actress Kasumi Arimura, will be about more than just beauty tips.

From tap dancing in top hats à la Fred Astaire to taking facial bubble baths and recording their very own bathroom-themed ASMR sounds, Corden and Moretz make skin care look like a lot of fun — and like it involves a surprising amount of face patting. As for what it was like to film such an unconventional beauty series? Moretz said, "I laughed so much on the Bare Skin Chat set and I feel the audience is going to have a ball with this."

New episodes of Bare Skin Chat are expected to air weekly, so check out the full trailer below, and prepare yourself for a lot more than skincare tips.

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