Jennifer Lopez Is on Variety's Cover With the Manicure You're Going to See Everywhere This Fall

Courtesy of Variety
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Jennifer Lopez is Variety's latest cover star, and she's wearing a manicure you're going to see everywhere this Fall. The singer wore white nails with a pearly, iridescent finish, created by her go-to manicurist Tom Bachik.

The alabaster nail color is expected to make the transition from Summer to Fall by switching up its finish, says pro-manicurist Jin Soon Choi. "If we say pure white is good for summertime, then pearly white is the ideal seasonal shift to Fall," she previously told POPSUGAR. "The pearl element adds an elegant dimension that is ideal for ushering in the new season, when more variation on your nails is needed."

The trend of using this particular finish is going global. According to Seoul-based nail artist, Eunkyung Park, it is currently taking over in Korea. She suggests creating the finish on her nails with "a non-wipe top gel" and to "rub some metallic powder on top of it." You can also use a stark white polish before topping it with an iridescent topcoat.

Check out Lopez's newest cover, and white polishes that can help you create the look, ahead.

Jennifer Lopez With Pearly White Nails For Variety 2019

Jennifer Lopez With Pearly White Nails For Variety 2019